about happia

Our Mission

To create premium online solutions.

Our Ambition

We help businesses do what they do better, with solutions their people enjoy using.

Our systems are tailored to your business process.

Our Director

Andrew's career has taken him all over Australia, working with State Government, large financial institutions, medium-sized businesses and more. He founded Initiative IT in 2018 (rebranded to happia). He discovered low-code app development in 2020 which changed everything.

Our UI Designer

Anita has spent most of her working life in offices making sure everything runs smoothly. Due to her problem-solving abilities, her minimalist inclinations and creative mind, she just loves to bring to life apps and websites that emanate calmness, logic and simplicity.

Our Developer

Nathan brings our app and website designs to life. Sometimes this means building user web pages and app screens, other times he is neck deep in data, helping clients move from outdated databases to the cloud.


Having spent years working in and around a wide variety of businesses and government departments, we struck out on our own in 2018 as "IT generalists", trading as Initiative IT.

Since then we have come to understand the growing value and need for flexible and cost-effective custom solutions across all industries.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have rebranded as happia to focus on custom app and website development.

We love technology. But we totally understand that technology should fit the needs of a business and not the other way around.